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Dr. Gary Tylock is literally the worst doctor I have ever seen.

He didn't take my concerns or questions seriously. He seemed unfriendly and distracted. The eye exam he gave me at Gary Tylock Laser Center was not thorough. He answered a personal cell phone call during my exam!

He did nothing to inspire my confidence. There are much better eye doctors out there... don't visit this one.

Try to avoid this center because you will lose your money and get nothing but allot of problems on your head. Try other Centers and doctors and surely you will find something better.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #687819

Strange... We have a Dr Gary Tylock I m DFW area (Irving) that is fantastic'.

Between my husband and children- cataract surgery, and 3 LASIK surgeries. I would not trust anyone else with my families vision!


I was diagnosed as having cataracts 3 years ago. I chose to go to Dr.

Tylock for my surgery, as he accepted Aetna Ins. at that time. I previously (years prior) had mono-Lasik surgery. In choosing my cataract replacement lens, I ask if Crystal Lens would work for me, and Dr.

Tylock stated they would, even though I currently had mono-vision. Well--------they are a disaster. They did pretty good until about 2 weeks from cataract surgery date, he did Yag Surgery (drills a hole in the lens pocket God gave us - and where the new Crystal Lens are sitting)- after the Yag, I was left with 20-25 floaters, and a string of mucus which floats over the path of my vision, and a reflection in my eyes, as if a mirror is being reflected in my sight path, and 20/40 vision. However, any time I have gone to Dr.

Tylock with my concerns, he tells me to adjust and overlook these issues in my vision, which is no possible. He also tries to stretch my vision testing so he can document his records falsely. I have been to 2 other doctors who have measured my vision at 20/40. However, Dr.

Tylock doesn't want to accept any responsibility for my issues and, as of last week, wants to start all over with my evaluation and start charging me again for services. I have stated that I paid him an extra $5,000 for the Crystal Lens and the promise he could adjust my vision to give me 20/20, however, he has not be able to do any of his promises for the vision I should have, after all this surgery. With this being said, I would encourage you to avoid going to Dr. Tylock, do not choose Crystal Lens if 50 or over, as I have now found out our muscles in our eyes are weaker at that age and it is not found Crystal Lens doesn't work well in people of our age.

Also, NEVER, NEVER, AGREE TO HAVE THE YAG SURGERY DONE. I may have been able to live with some of my issues, however, after the YAG Surgery, my vision is a total disaster. I agree, Dr.

Tylock's bed side manner is terrible, once he has a patient left with issues as a result of a screw up in his surgery to one's eyes. He just wants you to go away.


I had Lasik surgery by Dr. Tylock about 10 years ago.

I had just been diagnosed with needing trifocals which was very upsetting. Went to one of Tylocks seminars and was told if I wanted monovision I would have to wear contacts for monovision for 6 months before they would consider me. I did fine and requested the monovision Lasik surgery.

All went well and I continue to get my eyes checked there. So far there is no need for glasses yet which always seems to surprise the Tylock staff.


I think that Dr. Tylock and his staff are really nice. They looked at my eyes and told me they were fine.


I had PRK from Dr. Tylock earlier this year, and am very happy with the entire experience and that I can finally see without contacts/glasses.


Tylock was very professional and answered my millions of questions. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants/needs lasik!


I had my eyes done about 2 years ago and they are worse now than they were before! One eye feels constantly irritated, I still have to use my glasses and have been back several times and they always say everything is fine.

EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. I would not recommend Dr Tylock to NOBODY PERIOD!!!!!!!


I had mono vision at Tylock. The worst esperience ever.

I am suffering from pain and discomfort all the time because cells are growing under the eye flap.

I am worroed and concerned. For those who think about mono vision, please think twice and seek advice of good doctors


I had PRK with Tylock one week ago and so far I am very concerned! I have also been told that I am right on track, healing properly but I feel like I am legally blind.

My eyesight is sooooo blurry and after being up and trying to drive and work for 20 minutes I want to crawl in hole and hide my eyes are soooo blurry and tired! The constant nagging headache of trying to see is enough to make me go crazy.

I am hopeful this blurriness is about to go away...please please I am praying that my vision clears up soon. :sigh I am sooo scared!

to Blurry #1150938

I would really like to know how "Blurry's" vision is now. I hope better than mine.

I came out of the surgery Tylock performed blind in that eye due to an infection which occurred during surgery. I do not know how it happened as he never even told me it was infected; he just referred me to a specialist after about a week. It was unbearably painful. I ended up having to have my eye removed.

The eye was never going to recover, and it was the only way to stop the pain.

I understand bad things happen to people, and I sincerely hope this never happens to anyone else.

That being said, I do not believe Tylock is the one you want treating you if the outcome is less than ideal.

I will never know if this post keeps one person from pain or loss of their eye, but I still have to speak up.


The comments listed above are fraudulent and baseless. Dr.

Tylock and his staff are friendly, efficient, competent, and compassionate. The complaints about Dr. Tylock appearing uncaring and distracted are ridiculous... more likely the result of an internet marketing scheme than the TRUTH.

I had my eye surgery last week and am already extremely pleased with the results. My experience was nothing but pleasant before, during, and after the surgery. The staff went the extra mile to thoroughly explain the procedure and make me feel comfortable on the day of surgery.

I would recommend Dr. Tylock to all my friends and family.

to MKP216 Plano, Texas, United States #968764

I disagree with you completely. Dr Tylock is a very dishonest man


I had Lasik PRK at Tylock and the whole experience has been bad. It only lasted a year.

I went back for a follow up recently because I could not see properly. I was told that I was right where they expected me to be in my vision! Really? You expected me to NOT BE ABLE TO SEE AFTER A YEAR?

They fitted me with contacts that are of no help at all. This surgery is very expensive and insurance does NOT cover it. I would NOT advise anyone to go to Tylock.

My vision has been compromised forever. :sigh

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